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Terms & Conditions



We’re committed to providing competitively priced services

Our standard prices for septic tanks and wastewater systems include:

  • Our operator and truck on-site for 1 hour;

  • Disposal fees for up to 3,000 Litres (an average tank holds 2,500 Litres);

  • GST 

Additional charges & discounts

  • Most septic tanks take between 30 and 45 minutes to empty. If our operator is at your property for longer than 1 hour then additional time is charged at $80.00 per hour. 

  • If we take more than 3,000 litres then we charge additional disposal fees at $35/m³​

  • Weekend and outside normal hours call out fee $250.00

  • Public holiday call out fee $350.00

  • Exposed lid $25.00 discount

  • Multiple tanks discount 10%

  • Remote locations by arrangement

Factors, which can affect the time it takes to empty your septic tank include

  • Where the septic tank lid is difficult to expose because its deep under-ground;

  • We can’t park close to your septic tank and have to lay-out lots of hoses (the additional distance slows pumping);

  • The sludge is exceptionally thick because the septic tank is overdue for an empty.

Things for you to consider

Please tell us about any potential hazards on your property (tricky driveways, pets, extra heavy septic tank lids etc.).

Our trucks carry 30 metres of hose, so let us know if you think we’ll need more.

Our operators are experienced and careful but occasionally pathways, driveways, underground services, lawns and gardens can be damaged by the weight of the truck. Please note that this type of damage is at the customer’s own risk.


Invoices are emailed to you after completion of the job. Payment is due within 7 days by direct credit to our bank account.

Nelson Marlborough Waste
ANZ - 01 0702 0278672 00
Reference Name and Invoice#

We appreciate your custom and genuinely value your loyalty and feedback.

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