We all share the benefits of a healthy and safe Workplace!

Health and Safety Administrator

Health and Safety

Health & Safety Objectives

  • Provide a safe place of employment and a safe working environment;
  • To ensure all staff are sufficiently instructed, trained, and supervised to perform their work duties safely and effectively;
  • Ensuring accurate and timely reporting, recording, and investigating of all incidents so we can learn from them;
  • To establish and maintain policies and work procedures that are relevant to the work we do;
  • To formulate effective emergency procedures;
  • Taking appropriate action where safety breaches occur;
  • Take the necessary measures to prevent and reduce environmental impact by applying the principles of prevention in all activities.

Covid-19 Operations

NMWaste are committed to keeping our staff and the wider community healthy and safe by preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Staff will continue to:
  1. Stay home if sick;
  2. Keep track of where they have been;
  3. Wear face coverings whenever required;
  4. Practice good hygiene procedures;
  5. Maintain physical distancing whenever required;
  6. Follow all recommendations made by the Ministry of Health.

NZ COVID Tracer QR code is available to all Visitors entering our site at 121 Beach Rd Richmond, Nelson 7081.

Management Commitment

NMWaste pledge to provide a Safe and Healthy Environment for all employees and others in the places of work we control. Our focus is on continuous improvement in Health & Safety performance through leadership and behavioral change. Looking after the well-being of our staff is crucial to our business and we take all practical steps to ensure that they are kept safe and are working in safe conditions.

SiteWise Green Logo 2020 2021

NMWaste are SiteWise accredited Green Status Graded - A green grading in SiteWise means we have achieved a grade of 75% or above on our annual assessment.

Environmental Awareness 

Protecting our shared environment is important to NMWaste, as it is to our staff, sub-contractors, customers and suppliers. 

To support this common goal, we will:
  1. Endeavour to continually improve the environmental performance of our services and processes;
  2. Protect the health and safety of our employees, surrounding communities and ecosystems;
  3. Use natural resources, including raw materials, energy, and water, as efficiently as possible;
  4. Comply with local authority and national environmental regulations, as per the following;
  • Health and Safety at Work Act 2015;
  • Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough City Council Trade Waste By-Laws;
  • Land Transport Act;
  • Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017;
  • Environment Act 1986;
  • Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods NZS5433;
  • Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996.

NMWaste are committed to improving our processes, reducing our impact on the environment and minimising the use of non-renewable resources. Ensure our staff are trained to carry out activities in the work environment responsibly and to lead by example.